Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amulet is out!

Yay Amulet is out! ...ok it's been out for a little while. Buuuuut~! I had a chance to work at Kazu's studio and work with a ton of talented people like Chris Appelhans, Katy Wu , Aree Chung , Dave Au , Dawn Fujioka and Sho Katayama. Amulet 2 seems to be on its way too !


Rona said...

you're suppose to click on the link to see other stuff. I'm still not really sure how to operate this thing...posting pictures on blogger is super difficult for me for some reason. annywayy, i'm going to try to put you on the link part...if i know how. Man...wordpress is so much easier to use...:[

Hao Wu said...

Hey Eric nice blog man!