Thursday, November 08, 2007

wooo update

Time for another update! Midterms are just about over I least I hope so. Here some stuff from various classes n such.

A few Alice design- I couldn't figure out if I wanted to go more cartoon network style/or french animation style. In the end I think I made a mix of the two . In my version of Alice in Wonderland , Alice is a small Gypsy child who wonders into wonderland which is run by mechanical toys.
I guess I just wanted to plug in what we had to do for this assignment: You had to draw in Frazzato styl so first you do a sketch- then you go over it with graphite dust-then you scan it in and finally sprinkle a little photoshop magic on it and then do a draw one week....with 5 other classes breathing down you're neck. It was tough but I learned a lot so it was worth it.

the hell is he swinging at?