Monday, February 22, 2010

epic fail

I took my 2 backup hard drives (years of mediocre work, family and friends photo's) to have them recover the data off them, only to find out the owner has lost both of my hard drives. Once I find the final versions of these guys I'll post them up. Hope you enjoy the roughs!
Hansel and Gretel are both Neanderthal and the witch is a homo-sapien killer!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hey hey!

Woo characters from a former project! and an environment!During the holidays I had a chance to rummage through some old boxes and found this little sucka. I never really kept any of my artwork when I was growing up (I never really consider art as a career option growing up) so naturally, I trashed just about everything I did. Luckily my mother saved one little piece and here it is, I was roughly the age of 6 and I can only assume this is a wizard monster with a mouth in his stomach! good times.