Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday painting and more!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the late posting but I finished up work at Nickelodeon and now I'm at Technicolor Animation.So far, it has been a fun challenging job for sure! On another note I'll be teaching an online class on digital painting 101 with a ton of super pros! I'm pretty excited to teach again: I used to teach classes at Inland Empire back in the day and it was something I really enjoyed, even though my teaching style is just barfing out knowledge that I picked up from jumping from studio to studio. At any rate, here's a link to the new school and classes!
I also teamed up with a group of old class mates from Art Center selling monthly themed prints.  The image below is from our Winter theme.  Here is a link to our store to see more work from the various artists.

Here is a demo I did at Art Institute in Inland Empire when I subbed a class for Derek Kosol. Aging monster robots YAY!