Thursday, March 29, 2012

  I'm jumping on the Tumbler bandwagon! I want to put more of my rough dirty sketches and try to keep my blog more on the side of finish paintings and more finish work. check it out!

Now to the paintings, here are some BG I did at Nickelodeon, one is a large pan bg and a kitchen for an evil giant. Gah, the pan was a nightmare ...nearly 95% through it was altered and change but at least for the better!

So I hope to post more of these in the future, these are my lunch time paintings. These are about 30min each, done on a tablet pc (samsung slate 7) which is a great piece of hardware! I'm trying to paint these not only under a time limit, but also avoiding the temptation to tweak these at home. The end goal isn't to make a pretty painting, but to use these more for studying color lighting etc. which you can only really get from observing nature, and all the subtle color shifts and value. gota keep practicing!