Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wooo I haven't posted in a long time! Things have been really busy lately, I been doing freelance- working at Imagineering and now I'm teaching part time at an AI school. I figure it wouldn't be that bad- after all I TA so many art center classes........oh man I found a whole new respect for teachers to so many levels. Anyways- have a safe and happy holidays everyone!

So this is a quick speed painting we did at class. (15-20mins max) I think the topic was "rock creatures coming out of the ground) This is Jackie who works at the animation archives (really nice girl!) A lot of the images in the new book "Story" the archives series was scanned by her.

The school I'm teaching at is going to have a workshop on the Jan 6th with Steven Silver and Bill Perkins- and it's FREE! Sadly I'm going to miss this event by 1 day (my flight comes in a day after uuug) but you guys should sign up for it! Hope this helps someone.