Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm not dead yet!

Sorry for the lack of posts! 

Working as a visdev artist at Jim Henson studio and I just finished my first online class and it was a blast: really challenging but also really rewarding and fun.  I’ll be teaching a second time around so if anyone is interested please sign up! I’ll post more details about it when we get closer.

One of the challenging things I find about our field of work is the lack of material we can show. You could work for years and never be allowed to show anyone anything, even if the project is shelved and has no chance of  coming back. It’s not uncommon to have a career where 90% of your concept art never sees the light of day or goes anywhere.

So with that said, I got permission to show a pilot I worked on last summer at Nickelodeon. Even though this pilot was animated and awesome it may never see the light of day and it’s one of the painful realities of our industry.  It really makes me wonder how many awesome, unseen pilots are out  there, floating about in the ether. 

and a random croc archer!